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· UPDATE: HUGHES MINING BARGE HMB-1 SURVIVES IN RESTORED GLORY! I was doing my usual Google Earth rounds when I sweeped across Treasure Island on San Francisco Bay and to my surprise there was the historic Hughes Mining Barge docked at one of the piers! Make sure you read my widely circulated piece on the HMB-1 & the Sea Shadow as well as the sad. Hughes Mining Barge. The Hughes Mining Barge (HMB -1) is a submersible barge, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) built in for the Azorian project. The aim of the operation was to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K using the Glomar Explorer Hughes special ship. The Hughes Mining Barge, or HMB-1, is a submersible barge about 99 m ( ft) long, 32 m ( ft) wide, and more than 27 m (90 ft) ciudadesostenibles.es HMB-1 was originally developed as part of Project Azorian (more widely, but erroneously, known as „Project Jennifer“), the top-secret effort mounted by the Central Intelligence Agency to salvage the remains of the Soviet submarine K from the ocean floor. The Hughes Mining Barge 1, or HMB-1, is a uniquely designed submersible barge. She was originally built in as part of Project Azorian (a subset of Project Jennifer), the top-secret effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to salvage the remains of Soviet submarine K from the ocean floor.

Here are pictures of the Hughes Mining Barge Sea Shadow. The Hughes Mining Barge Sea Shadow HMB-1 is available for donation to museum or organization. Hughes Mining Barge Sea Shadow Picture 2 Click here for Photo 2. The donee may display the two vessels as currently configured as a single unit, or display them individually. If the Navy receives no interest by an eligible recipient within two years, the Navy reserves the right to remove the vessels from donation consideration and proceed with their disposal.

Notice of Availability for Donation of the Test Craft Ex-SEA SHADOW IX and Hughes Mining Barge HMB SUMMARY: The Department of the Navy hereby gives notice of the availability for donation, under the authority of 10 U. Ex-SEA SHADOW is contained inside HMB-1, which is a covered floating dry-dock, and is being offered for donation as a single unit. In either case, the Navy intends to donate the two vessels as a single unit and the donee will be required to remove the two vessels from Navy custody as a unit.

Eligible recipients include: 1 Any State, Commonwealth, or possession of the United States or any municipal corporation or political subdivision thereof; 2 the District of Columbia; or 3 any organization incorporated as a non-profit entity under section of the Internal Revenue Code. The transfer of a vessel for donation under 10 U.

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There is a boat the Skunk Works developed shortly after the FA. The Sea Shadow was first unveiled on April 9, The barge used for the program was the Hughes Mining Barge HMB-1 , a vessel was originally built for a secret CIA project in the early ’70s, and had been in mothballs for years. The CIA project, it has since come out, was an attempt to recover a Soviet nuclear sub that sank off the coast of Hawaii in The prodject included two ships, the Gossimir Explorer which was basically a ship capable of deep Sea mining, and the HMB-1 which actually submerged under the Gosimir Explorer.

The HMB-1 had a claw to retreive the USSR submarine, which was operated by the drill on the Gossimir Explorer. The operation was partially successful with half of the ill-fated Soviet sub and crew being brought up from the ocean bottom. The Sea Shadow’s stats are: Length: ft. Width: 68 ft. Draft: Displacement: tons full load. According to the sketchy history released by the Navy, construction of the Sea Shadow took place inside the barge, apparently between and ’85 at Redwood City Calif.

Night tests were conducted in and ’86 off the Santa Cruz Islands in Southern California.

hughes mining barge

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I was doing my usual Google Earth rounds when I sweeped across Treasure Island on San Francisco Bay and to my surprise there was the historic Hughes Mining Barge docked at one of the piers! It was widely assumed that the Sea Shadow and its HMB-1 mothership were both going to be scrapped together, as the HMB-1 was in fairly bad disrepair and the US Government would not allow the Sea Shadow to be used commercially. When the two Cold Warrior mechanical marvels went up for sale I was blown away that the Hughes Mining Barge, even with its cosmetic and mechanic deficiencies caused by years of neglect, was not a hot item for the private sector to get a hold of.

Certainly, such capabilities would cost many tens of millions of dollars to design and build in the current day and age, so why was there not a bidding war over the unique vessel as its potential commercial uses are many? They have totally restored the Hughes Mining Barge, after cutting up the Sea Shadow as the surplus disposal contract stipulated, and turned the HMB-1 into a multi-use ship container, dry-dock, working berth, and especially a highly environmental friendly maritime paint and coating facility.

So the HMB-1 lives on in a fully overhauled fashion and is already producing revenue for its proud new private owners. Although I find it terrible that no museum could display the HMB-1 and Sea Shadow together, I applaud the folks from Bay Ship and Yacht for recognizing the potential of what was recently a rotting hulk, although a very unique rotting hulk, and I wish them the best in their new endeavor.

When it comes to one-off defense technologies, things do have a strange way of coming full circle, and the HMB-1 is a Cold War survivor if nothing else…. Your email address will not be published. Dark Theme Light Theme. Where strategy, technology and opinon meet at the speed of sound…. Skip to content. Home About Contact.

hughes mining barge

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Ship Photo Search Photo Search – Advanced Search. HOME PHOTOS VIDEOS SHIPS AIS FORUM NEWS SUPPORT CONTACT SHIPTRAX. Ship information by AirNav ShipTrax and GrossTonnage. Report error in ship details. Mission heart of this vessel was a ft. It also had spider-like legs above and below sea surface and her tallest point was a story ft.

Not to give away the exact location of the sunken sub which the Russians did not know , the much smaller Glomar Challenger was used as a decoy operating at another location. Hughes Mining Barge HMB-1 was built at Todd Shipyard in San Diego, Calif. Chris Howell on Jul 25, 9 years ago Project Jennifer was the codename applied to the CIA project that salvaged part of a sunken Soviet submarine in The Soviet Golf-class ballistic missile submarine SSB K sank off Hawaii on 11 April , probably due to a missile malfunction.

The Golf class submarines were diesel-electric ballistic missile subs, a modified version of the Foxtrot class submarines.

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The Hughes Mining Barge , or HMB-1 , is a submersible barge about 99 m ft long, 32 m ft wide, and more than 27 m 90 ft tall. The HMB-1 was originally developed as part of Project Azorian more widely, but erroneously, known as „Project Jennifer“ , the top-secret effort mounted by the Central Intelligence Agency to salvage the remains of the Soviet submarine K from the ocean floor.

The HMB-1 was designed to allow the device that would be used to grasp and lift the submarine to be constructed inside the barge and out of sight, and to be installed in the Glomar Explorer in secrecy. This was done by towing the HMB-1 , with the capture device inside, to a location near Catalina Island off the coast of California , and then submerging it onto stabilizing piers that had been installed on the seafloor.

The Glomar Explorer was then maneuvered over the HMB-1 , the retractable roof was opened, and the capture device lifted into the massive „moon pool“ of the ship, all within clear sight of people on the beach. After the conclusion of Project Azorian, the HMB-1 was mothballed at the Todd Shipyard in San Francisco, California until November At that time, the United States Navy towed the huge barge to a Lockheed Martin facility in Redwood City , California, where it became a floating drydock for the construction and sea trials of the Sea Shadow , an experimental stealth ship being tested by the Navy.

Sea trials of the Sea Shadow continued until After several attempts to find the vessel a home at a museum, General Services Administration offered the HMB-1 and Sea Shadow for sale as scrap. Under the terms of the sale Sea Shadow had to be scrapped.

hughes mining barge

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This is the Hughes Mining Barge 1 launched in Built by Howard to aid the CIA in salvaging the sunken Soviet submarine K that went missing in Inside the mammoth super structure lives the stealth ship Sea Shadow. Museums declined to save it. The Sea Shadow will be reduced to five-foot sections of plate and cage. Not to mention scale. Standing under a boat this size is not right. Propelled by two Detroit Diesel Allison Diesel-Electric engines buried deep inside the upper haul; various exhaust-scrubbing devices hid its heat signature from heat-seekers.

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Both the Sea Shadow and the barge sailed from San Francisco Bay to San Diego in May in a transfer that went unnoticed, said the Navy. Jim Graham’s photograph of the Sea Shadow was featured in an article by the Weekly World News tabloid that dubbed it the „Batboat“ when it was publicly unveiled in Graham keeps the clipping among his memorabilia at his office in Scott’s Valley, Calif.

Scrapping work continues on the Sea Shadow parked inside the Hughes Mining Barge docked at Treasure Island on August 18, Photograph contributed by Jim Graham. Few people were aware of what was going on inside the mysterious Hughes Mining Barge as it was docked at Treasure Island Nov. He managed to lure an Associated Press photographer and a reporter from the Aviation Week trade magazine to a morning date on a Coast Guard cutter off the Southern California shore.

Around 9 a. The Aviation Week reporter immediately recognized the familial resemblance to a stealth fighter aircraft unveiled five years before. The Sea Shadow IX — a Cold War experimental craft built by Lockheed engineers under deep cover within a barge in Redwood City — had accomplished its goal as a sail-by-night stealth craft, and the unveiling signaled the beginning of missions in broad daylight and in view of curious eyes.

Alas, in November, the foot-long, foot-wide, ton Sea Shadow performed its final disappearing act when huge, tractor-mounted shears snipped it into piles of scrap steel at a Treasure Island boatyard. Unceremoniously ripped to shreds — possibly even falling into communist hands — is a fate that few wanted to see befall a vessel that was a pioneer of technologies now used in modern watercraft around the globe.

There were efforts to save it, and the Navy offered it for free to any museum that could take it along with the Hughes Mining Barge, an enormous submersible craft with its own claim to fame for playing a key role in a secret U.

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The Hughes Mining Barge (HMB-1) is a submersible barge that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) built for the Azorian project from The aim of the operation was to use the special ship Hughes Glomar Explorer to salvage the sunken Soviet submarine KThe barge is around meters long, 32 meters wide and up to 27 meters high, with a weight of around 4, t. Hughes Mining Barge. Pier 1 – Treasure Island, CA. where Sea Shadow IX was Dismantled. by Bay Ship & Yacht „BSY“. BSY purchased the HMB-1 Floating Drydock from the Navy. The Navy requires. that BSY scrap the Sea Shadow, while stored inside HMB

Discussion in ‚ Military History ‚ started by Poppy , May 2, Log in or Sign up to interact with the community. Log in or Sign up. WWII Forums. Was the K Raised Successfully? Howard Hughes Mining Barge. Joined: Apr 9, Messages: 7, Likes Received: This article raises questions as to whether the sub actually broke in two, or if the whole vessel was recovered.

Poppy , May 2, I did not know they had christened the giant claw used to grab the lost sub: „Clementine“ Clem, you are not named after a giant claw- are you? Joined: May 9, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 1, Would not surprize me greatly if the break-up was a ruse. Joined: Aug 22, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Location: Ontario, Canada.