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18/10/ · Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis by Matana Roberts, released 18 October 1. jewels of the sky: inscription 2. as far as eyes can see 3. trail of the smiling sphinx 4. piddling 5. shoes of gold 6. wild fire bare 7. fit to be tied 8. her mighty waters run 9. all things beautiful in the fold raise yourself up backbone once more how bright they shine raise yourself up. 27/05/ · 01 Rise – Pov Piti – Song For Eulalie – Kersaia – Libation For Mr. Brown – Bid Em In – Lulla – Bye – I Am. 22/10/ · Matana Roberts, who might agree, Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis is like the other three extant Coin Coins inasmuch as it’s marked by a tumbling of psychic and cosmic ephemera. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of „Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres“ on Discogs.

Mississippi Moonchile is the second chapter in saxophonist and composer Matana Roberts ‚ projected part work, Coin Coin , which examines race, class, gender and personal experience through the prism of American history. The first chapter, Gens de Couleur Libre , was a large-scale offering, combining out jazz with narrated and sung sections that commenced at the dawn of slavery on North America’s shores through the Civil War.

It was at once moving, arresting, provocative, and militant, combining histories and mythologies personal, actual and spiritual. By contrast, Mississippi Moonchile was composed with her New York sextet in mind. The ensemble — Roberts saxophone , Shoko Nagai piano , Jason Palmer trumpet , Thomson Kneeland double bass , Tomas Fujiwara drums , and Jeremiah Abiah an operatic tenor — delivers a wildly creative, contrasting, and wide-ranging musical theater performance that embodies three folk songs and 15 original compositions, narration, chorus and solo singing, divided into 18 sections yet played as a continuous whole.

The music often reflects the origins of blues and jazz from the Delta and New Orleans, but is woven seamlessly with modern sounds the meld of gospel, blues, and modal music in „Humility Draws Down Blue“ is the epitome of „art music“ rooted in American folk traditions and Latin sounds , scat singing, post-bop, and Abiah ’s gorgeous voice anchoring nearly every cut. Roberts ‚ horn more readily reflects her speaking and singing voices here; it is much warmer and calmer.

It reflects blues because it comes straight out of them. Palmer ’s trumpet is informed by bop and hard bop; it closely follows her lines and underscores them. Nagai ’s piano builds bridges between various musical traditions and players. Check the meld of briefly articulated free playing, blues, and swing in „Twelve Sighed,“ which moves briefly toward modal jazz. Roberts and Palmer trade lines on the outer fringes of the melody as the rhythm section walks a tightrope between; a minute and a half in, it erupts into a gorgeous, slow, King Oliver -inspired blues.

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All rights reserved. Copyright c Alexander Djourik. FILE: 12 – J. Matana Roberts is one of the most acclaimed, socio-politically conscious and aesthetically intrepid composers, band leaders, horn players and experimental sound practitioners of the past decade. Her multi-chapter Coin Coin work, which Constellation began documenting in with Gens de couleur libres, has placed her at the forefront of stylistic innovation and radicalization, while confirming the deep substance and soul that guides her compositional agenda.

Following the critical accolades that the first two Coin Coin chapters have thus far received, the past year has been marked by further career-defining recognition for her body of iconoclastic work: Roberts was a recipient of both the Herb Alpert Award in the Arts and the Doris Duke Impact Award in The third chapter in her Coin Coin series finds Roberts implementing this metaphor most explicitly, constructing a sound art tapestry from field recordings, loop and effects pedals, and spoken word recitations, alongside her saxophone and singing voices.

Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee could arguably be considered first and foremost a vocal work, and notwithstanding its experimental and esoteric structure, a deeply narrative work as well. Working once again with engineer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, and returning again to Montreal’s Hotel2Tango studio the location for her Chapter One recording in , Roberts ran the river run thee tape back multiple times, adding new layers in real time, from start to finish as opposed to calculated, isolated overdubs.

The result is a visceral audio document that combines structure and improvisation in the fullest sense: not just in the playing and performing, but in the very marrow of the work’s compositional DNA. It is also, for the first time in the Coin Coin cycle, a solo work, emerging from a lengthy solitary road trip Roberts took through the American South in early , amassing historical and documentary information through interviews, site visits and field recordings.

Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee signals yet another highly adventurous and socially engaged definition of what Jazz can mean in this day and age, and a fascinating extension of the Coin Coin cycle, where rather than surfacing and reactivating through the group dynamics of a musical ensemble, history is inhaled and exhaled through a solitary practice seeking to evoke and echo its tangled thicket of febrile strands.

matana roberts coin coin

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Independent rock labels have made great headway in turning on listeners to challenging, cutting-edge jazz. In fact, the Chicago-born Roberts was already something of a post-rock fellow traveler, playing on Godspeed You! But in the end, making these connections primarily serves to pique curiosity and draw in listeners, as COIN COIN is a pure celebration of jazz. Edited down from a minute performance to an hour, the music can be busy, even noisy, but these passages fit smartly within a larger compositional whole.

The album begins with a scorching solo burst of saxophone that recalls the fire music cries of Albert Ayler, Archie Shepp, and late-period John Coltrane. These vocals, featuring Gitanjali Jain alongside Roberts, appear throughout the album, with a narrative that concerns the history of slavery in America and how it continued to affect and inform the lives of African Americans throughout the 20th century. While I personally tend to shy away from spoken word or vocalese in jazz, these vocals are essential to its success.

The instruments soon come back on full blast, with Roberts leading the pack, picking the opening theme back up before sliding into a Dixieland romp that eventually mutates into a free jazz spree. Brown: Bid em in… Links: Matana Roberts – Constellation. Not all of our favorites will be listed here, but we think each EUREKA!

This section is a work-in-progress, so expect its definition to be in perpetual flux.

matana roberts coin coin

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Matana Roberts pronounced mah-tah-nah is one of the leading lights of contemporary African-American experimental music, combining her widely recognized gifts as an alto saxophone player and improviser with an intensely engaged re-definition of American Jazz traditions. Matana’s COIN COIN project is the centerpiece of this engagement and re-definition: a multi-chapter work that combines conceptual scoring graphic notation, ‚chance‘ strategies , storytelling and historical narrative, performative theatre personae, costume, multi-media , and a deeply considered channeling of personal ancestry and the ‚universal‘ experience of Africans in America.

Roberts began spending significant amounts of time in Montreal during the second half of the s and has been an on-and-off resident of the city since While she was familiar to Constellation as early as through her work with Sticks And Stones and her guest performance on Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Yanqui U. COIN COIN Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres is the first official recording of this ambitious and powerful project.

We invited Matana to assemble her Montreal group for a live in-studio performance at the Hotel2Tango facility, before a small but capacity audience of about 30 friends and supporters. The band spend the entire day running things through while recording engineer Radwan Moumneh set microphones and levels. The evening performance was stunning, literally bringing audience members to tears, and went to tape beautifully.

The full minute performance was edited down to around 60 minutes, comprising four quarter-hour suites spread across four sides of 10″ vinyl.

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Like each of the previous chapters in artist Matana Roberts ‚ projected part work Coin Coin , she uses her music as a medium. Through it she explores the gauzy intersection of folklore and history that serves as a definition of the way in which we view ourselves at the present juncture, or refuse to should we wish to remain in the darkness. Roberts interrogates official accounts, slave narratives, her family’s stories, and her identity as an African American woman; she also delves into and explodes mythologies, historic, spiritual, and cultural.

Coin Coin is not one story but many, a revelatory exploration of Blackness outside the notorious twin filters of race and class that define America. Where Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee was delivered completely solo, Memphis showcases a brand-new band. This new group includes the criminally under-celebrated multi-instrumentalist and composer Hannah Marcus on guitars, fiddle, and accordion, Sam Shalabi on guitar and oud, Nick Caloia on bass, and Ryan Sawyer on drums and percussion.

All members provide vocals. Roberts speaks, sings, and plays alto saxophone and clarinet. She also engages contributions from trombonist Steve Swell and vibraphonist Ryan White alongside a trio of guest vocalists. Roberts employs her usual rainbow of methods to reveal her interrogation of past and present: Spoken word, singing, narrating, playing, and directing. Musically free jazz improvisation winds through gospel, blues, folk, and field chants.

Introduced by droning voices, bowed strings, clarinet, and percussion, „Jewels of the Sky: Inscription“ opens the doorways between antiquity and a 21st century United States where black men and women are executed by police. Though her maternal grandmother’s mugshot adorns the cover, Roberts traces the story of an ancestor named Liddie whose father was murdered by the KKK. In „As Far as the Eye Can See,“ jaw harp, accordion, fiddle, and guitars frame her spoken narrative about the slippage of memory, Liddie’s recollection of her father encouraging her to run as a metaphor to flee the Klan’s violence and hate, of church, and segregation.

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Memphis is a fierce manifesto delivered with true vision and spiritual force; a voyage through time into the mystical American roots, where invocations of African spirituals, the blues, gospel hymns, and folk music, are essential elements of contemporary experimentations grounded in the avant-garde and free jazz genres.

After the solo effort that was chapter three, this new installment features a distinguished cast of musicians that project a lot of direct passion and energy into our hearts, including new polyvalent collaborators Hanna Marcus guitars, fiddle and accordion and Ryan Sawyer drums, vibraphone, jaw harp, bells. Ephemeral, this section quickly dissolves into another mantric pulse led by the jaw harp.

The pace changes via effortless transitions and the textural aesthetics includes the pungent brassy romps of guest trombonist Steve Swell in addition to a thrumming guitar and riffing sax. Nothing dampens its punch. A state-of-the-art identity is passed to the melodies of popular American songs. Hence, an untangled arrangement of W. Thoroughly narrated, revolutionary and liberating, this album speaks for itself, showcasing Matana at her highest level of creativity.

In short: an essential listening.

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Everything Artist Title Song SoundTrack Label. Help Help Center Contact Us. Music CDs Categories. Vinyl Categories. Movies Categories. More Novelties. Lingerie See More ». Adult Adult DVDs Adult Toys Lingerie. More by Matana Roberts. CD For Sale Usually ships in days.

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18/10/ · Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis Matana Roberts. Released October 18, More Matana Roberts albums Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee. Coin Coin . Matana Roberts returns with the fourth chapter of her extraordinary Coin Coin series – a project that has deservedly garnered the highest praise and widespread critical acclaim for its fierce aesthetic originality and unflinching narrative power. The first three Coin Coin albums, issued from , charted diverse pathways of modern/avant composition — Roberts calls it “panoramic.

Matana Roberts is one of the leading lights of contemporary African-American experimental music, combining her widely recognized gifts as an alto saxophone player and improviser with an intensely engaged re-definition of American Jazz traditions. While it may sound trite, we truly feel this music speaks for itself. It rallies adventurous improv, experimental voice and narrative, a wide array of black folkways, and Matana’s impassioned lead playing to tremendous emotional and conceptual effect.

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